Supernova Charter Student Ambassador

Supernova Community Standards

Charities and our Community

Support for charities is a very important and unique part of what we do on Supernova.

Equally, Charities are also a part of our community and are bound by our Community Standards for the protection of our Community as a whole.

Here are some of the key guidelines for our Community Standards as they relate to Charities:

Spam and deceptive practices

Sensitive content

Violent or dangerous content

Regulated goods


After review by our trained human review teams, Supernova takes action on flagged content.

Our reviewers decide if the content violates our policies, and allow content that has educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purpose or value. Our teams will remove or re-classify (e.g. age-restrict) content that violates our policies. Our automated flagging systems also help us identify and remove spam automatically, as well as re-uploads of content that we've already reviewed and determined violates our policies.