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Supernova Community Guidelines

The significance of Context

Context is critical for all types of content, but it is especially critical when posting graphic content. Graphic content is frequently found in educational, scientific, newsworthy, or documentary content. This type of content is permitted on Supernova as long as it is contextualised. Adding details to your post to help users find and understand it is a good idea. If your content is flagged, it also aids the Supernova team in reviewing it.

A post by a citizen journalist capturing footage of protesters being mistreated, for example, would almost certainly be permitted if it included relevant context. Relevant information in this case could be a list of tips at the start of the post on how to stay safe at a protest. Alternatively, a voice-over narration about the protest's history could be used. A clear title or description indicating that the post is reporting on or documenting the content is also required.

Contextualization guidelines

Supernova is not a place where you can glorify violence or spread hatred. If the footage is educational, it may be allowed, but it may also have age restrictions or a warning screen.

More information about our strikes system can be found here.