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Supernova Community Guidelines

Hate speech policy

Our top priority is the safety of our creators, viewers, and partners. We rely on each of you to assist us in safeguarding this unique and vibrant community. It's critical that you understand our Community Standards and how they contribute to our shared responsibility of keeping Supernova safe. Please read the following policy carefully. You can also find a complete list of our rules on this page.

On Supernova, hate speech is not tolerated. Based on any of the following characteristics, we remove content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups:

Report any content that you believe violates this policy here.

What does this policy imply for you?

If the purpose of the content is to do one or more of the following, don't post it on Supernova.

Content that violates this policy in other ways

Content that is educational

Penalties such as monetary fines and other sanctions

We may remove content or impose other penalties in rare cases when a creator:

Here are some examples of hate speech that will not be tolerated on Supernova.

a few more examples

Please keep in mind that these are just a few examples, and you should not post content if you believe it violates this policy.

What happens if content is found to be in violation of the policy?

If your content is found to be in violation of this policy, we will remove it and notify you via email. If this is your first violation of our Community Guidelines, you will receive a warning and your account will not be penalised. If it isn't, we'll give your account a warning. Your account will be terminated if you receive three strikes.

We may also terminate your account if you violate the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service on a regular basis, as well as if you commit a single case of serious abuse or if the account is dedicated to a policy violation.

More information about our strikes system can be found here.