Community Guidelines

Policy on harmful or dangerous content

Our top priority is the safety of our creators, viewers, and partners. We rely on each of you to assist us in safeguarding this unique and vibrant community. It's critical that you understand our Community Standards and how they contribute to our shared responsibility of keeping Supernova safe. Please read the following policy carefully. You can also find a complete list of our rules on this page.

Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that could result in serious bodily harm or death is not permitted on Supernova.

Report any content that you believe violates this policy here.

What does this policy imply for you?

If your content fits any of the descriptions below, don't post it on Supernova.

  • Extremely dangerous challenges: These are challenges that pose a significant risk of bodily harm.
  • Dangerous or threatening pranks: pranks that cause minors to fear imminent serious physical danger or serious emotional distress.
  • Killing or harming instructions: Showing viewers how to carry out activities that are intended to kill or maim others. Giving instructions on how to make a bomb that will injure or kill others, for example.
  • Abuse of or instructions on how to make hard drugs like cocaine or opioids: Content that depicts or gives instructions on how to abuse or make hard drugs like cocaine or opioids. Hard drugs are substances that can (in most cases) lead to physical dependence.
  • Eating Disorders: Material that glorifies, praises, or encourages people to imitate anorexia or other eating disorders. Eating disorders are defined as abnormal or disturbed eating habits that have a negative impact on a person's health (including eating non-food items).
  • Violent Events: Endorsing or glorifying violent tragedies like school shootings.
  • Instructional thievery or cheating: demonstrating how to steal tangible goods or encouraging dishonesty.
  • Hacking: Demonstrating how to use computers or information technology in order to steal credentials, compromise personal data, or cause serious harm to others, including (but not limited to) hacking into social media accounts.
  • Bypassing payment for digital content or services: Demonstrating how to use apps, websites, or other forms of information technology to gain unauthorised free access to audio, audiovisual content, full video games, software, or streaming services that would otherwise be paid for.
  • Endorsing dangerous cures or remedies: Content that claims that harmful substances or treatments can be beneficial to one's health.

Remember that this isn't an exhaustive list.

Don't share content that shows a minor engaging in risky behaviour or encourages minors to engage in risky behaviour. Never put minors in potentially dangerous situations, such as dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks. More information on child safety can be found here.

Age Restricted Content

Content depicting dangerous acts may be permitted if they are educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic in nature (EDSA). A news storey about the dangers of choking games, for example, would be appropriate, but posting clips from the same documentary out of context might not be.

This policy applies to all Supernova products and services, including posts, video descriptions, comments, live streams, and any other feature or product.

Here are some examples of prohibited content on Supernova:

Extremely hazardous situations

pranks that are dangerous or threatening

Violent incidents or threats of harm

The use of drugs

Anorexia nervosa

Harmful cures and remedies

Remember that these are just examples, and don't post anything if you think it might be against the rules.

What happens if content is found to be in violation of the policy?

If your content is found to be in violation of this policy, we will remove it and notify you via email. If this is your first violation of our Community Guidelines, you will receive a warning and your account will not be penalised. If it isn't, we'll give your account a warning. Your account will be terminated if you receive three strikes.

More information about our strikes system can be found here.