Community Guidelines

Policies on spam, deceptive practises, and scams

Our top priority is the safety of our creators, viewers, and partners. We rely on each of you to assist us in safeguarding this unique and vibrant community. It's critical that you understand our Community Standards and how they contribute to our shared goal of keeping Supernova safe. Please read the following policy carefully.

Spam, scams, and other deceptive practises that take advantage of the Supernova community are not permitted. We also don't allow content whose primary goal is to persuade others to abandon Supernova in favour of another website.

Report any content that you believe violates this policy. Here are the instructions for reporting violations of our Community Standards. You can report the account if you find any content or comments that you would like to report.

What are the implications of these policies for you?

If your content fits any of the descriptions below, don't post it on Supernova.

  • Political canvassing or campaigning as a politician or representative of a political party
  • Spam: Untargeted, repetitive, or excessively posted content that does one or more of the following:
  • Promises viewers something, but instead directs them away from the site.
  • Obtains clicks, views, or traffic from Supernova by promising viewers quick money.
  • Directs viewers to sites that spread malware, try to collect personal information, or have other negative consequences.
  • False Metadata or Thumbnails: Using the title, thumbnails, description, or tags to mislead users into thinking the content is something it isn't.
  • Manipulated Media: Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in such a way that it misleads users (beyond clips taken out of context) and may cause egregious harm.
  • Scams: Content that offers cash rewards, get-rich-quick schemes, or pyramid schemes (sending money without a tangible product in a pyramid structure).
  • Voter Suppression: Content intended to mislead voters about voting times, places, means, or eligibility requirements, or false claims that could materially discourage voters from voting.
  • Census Participation Suppression: Content intended to deceive participants about the time, means, or eligibility requirements for taking part in a census.
  • Candidate Eligibility: Information that promotes false claims about the technical requirements for current political candidates and elected government officials to serve in office. Age, citizenship, and vital status are among the eligibility requirements considered, which are based on applicable national law.
  • Incitement to obstruct or interrupt democratic processes: content encouraging others to obstruct or interrupt democratic processes, such as voting procedures.
  • Distribution of hacked materials: content containing hacked information that could jeopardise democratic processes such as elections and censuses if revealed.
  • Providing incentives Spam: Content on Supernova that sells engagement metrics like views, likes, comments, or any other metric. This also includes content created solely to increase subscriber counts, views, or other metrics (for example, offering to subscribe to another creator's account in exchange for them subscribing to yours, also known as "Sub4Sub" content).
  • Comments Spam: Comments that are solely intended to collect personal information from viewers, deceive viewers into leaving Supernova, or engage in any of the prohibited behaviours listed above.
  • Untargeted or repetitive comments: Leaving a large number of similar, untargeted, or repetitive comments.

All Supernova products or features are subject to this policy. Remember that this isn't an exhaustive list.

Note: You may encourage viewers to participate and give a Supernova. Leave a like, a share, or a comment.

More information about our strikes system can be found here.