Community Guidelines

Content for Children: Best Practices

We want creators to keep having fun and being inventive, but we do ask that you adhere to our Community Standards. Always be cautious about what you post online and obtain permission before uploading a post that features someone to Supernova.

Anyone who shares content with minors must follow these guidelines:

  • Be considerate of others' privacy. Before including a minor in your content, get permission from the minor's parent or legal guardian. Ascertain that their participation in your content is completely voluntary.
  • Keep track of user comments on your posts and moderate them. You can use tools to filter and review comments, and you can always report spam or abuse comments to us.

Please make certain you are aware of and abiding by the law. Working with minors requires you to follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The following are some areas you should be aware of:

  • Permits: Check local laws and regulations to see if minors in your posts require a work permit, registration, or licence. You should also be aware of whether or not you require a permit or authorization to hire minors.
  • Wages/Revenue Sharing: When it comes to paying minors for their work, you must follow all applicable laws. You may be required to pay minors a wage in some circumstances. In some cases, you may be required to pay a portion of the revenue from the posts directly to the minors, or set aside a portion that is protected for the minor.
  • School & Education: Minors in your content must adhere to all applicable laws to avoid interfering with proper schooling and education.
  • Working Conditions, Hours, and Breaks: The workplace must be safe for minors. Every day, they must schedule time for rest, education, and recreation. It is not advisable for minors to work late at night. You should also follow all local laws regarding working hours and weekly work limits.

More information about our strikes system can be found here.