Supernova Charter Student Ambassador

The Charter for a Brighter Social Experience On Supernova

Social media is amazing. But it’s far from perfect.

We began with a desire to make things better — in whatever ways we could. We set out to build something that would leave you feeling better than when you arrived; a community offering real value to its members, and the world at large.

We called it Supernova, the brightest, most powerful thing we could think of. And we gave it a tagline: The Social Network That Gives Back.

Supernova gives back to the world, donating the lions’ share of our profits to charity. And it gives back to users, offering a brighter, more positive social experience.

The following are ways we intend to deliver on this, a blueprint for growing and maintaining a positive, inclusive community with MORE LOVE and LESS HATE.


  1. A guiding principle

    On Supernova, we have a single guiding principle for what to post:

    Try and offer value to others.

    It’s that simple. Try and add something to someone’s day. Big or small. You might make things more interesting, more entertaining, more amusing — even just for a nanosecond. It’s not a mandate, just an opportunity: to eliminate ‘humblebrags’, boasts and other negative posts, and build an amazing community sharing amazing content.

  2. Not ‘likes’ but ‘thanks’

    On other social networks, tapping the heart symbol says ‘I like this.’

    On ours, it says ‘Thanks for this.’ Thank you for adding to my day.

    Not only does this make the poster feel good, it actually does good — sending a little bit more money to the poster’s chosen cause.

    The whole system is designed so that users can reward each other for posting content that improves everyone’s experience.

  3. An even bigger thanks

    When something really makes your day, you can thank the poster with the Supernova button, worth 10x a regular ‘like.’ Users accrue these slowly over time, giving them all the more significance.

  4. The good newsfeed

    We’ve all had enough bad news for the next 20 years or so. So on Supernova, we’ve got a newsfeed reserved entirely for good news. Specially curated, to bring you joy, laughter, and maybe a bit of hope that things are going to be quite alright.

  5. The best stuff on the network

    Scroll though the Supernovas section and you’ll find all the content people across the network are awarding Supernovas to. The very best of the app — an endless scroll of awesome.

  6. Time well spent

    On Supernova, you are always doing good — merely by being here. In fact, the longer you spend here, the more you raise for great causes. So go ahead, watch that cat video. Watch all the cat videos. It’s guilt free scrolling. But don’t stay too long on your screen. Real life needs you too.


  1. Human moderation

    Human beings, real actual people (plus one Robot named Ted), look after content on the site, call out hate speech and prejudice wherever it pops up, and remove content that violates our rules.

  2. No hate speech

    Supernova will remove any form of Hate Speech. You’re free to express your opinion, but please act as you would have others be towards you. Pejorative references to a person’s race, colour, religion, sexual orientation or belief of any kind will be grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the Network.

  3. Three strikes and you’re out

    This is pretty straightforward. If members behave in an antagonistic or otherwise troublesome manner, they’ll be warned. If necessary, they’ll be warned again. But three strikes and you’re banned.

  4. No politics

    Some topics are best left at the door. This is one of them. Please avoid discussing political parties, politicians, etc. Politicians may not have pages as anything other than as individuals, posting about non political subjects. We also will never accept or feature any political advertising.

  5. Algorithm

    Our own super intelligent algorithm will hero the best, most liked content on the network, while deprioritising less appropriate/relevant content. It will reward users for being active, positive contributors to the community and penalise those who are a negativy influence.

  6. Direct contact

    Our members will have access to community managers who will address any incident of distress or harassment on Supernova in the event this has gotten past the actions and measures described above.

  7. External audit

    Our performance and Governance of the above actions and measures and our effectiveness of upholding our Charter declaration will be assessed and audited by an external and independent commission. Comprising 12 unpaid volunteers from the Supernova community: elected for a term of one year. In this time Commissionaires will meet with the board of Supernova at least every three months to review performance and their findings will be published online and made available for all members to download. They will also form part of the Community Safety and Standards Board comprising members from our Sponsor and Charity Partnerships and our Ambassador, Curator and Industry Association communities.

  8. Representation and inclusivity

    We will ensure participation in all areas of our Network from the great diversity of society in terms of age, sex, race, colour, physical ability, mental ability, ethnicity, national origin.